Managed Solutions/Services

Disaster Recovery Professional Services

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Back-up and recovery audit and design
  • Continuous and high availability consulting

Hot Site Disaster Recovery Subscription Service

  • Raised floor data centre facilities
  • UPS, back-up generator and HVAC
  • Complete security and monitoring system
  • First come, first serve access to servers in the event of a disaster
  • Annual DR test time
  • No declaration fees
  • Access to required equipment in the event of disaster
  • Internet VPN access
  • Up to 140 seats available for client disaster recovery
  • Multiple network suppliers

Disaster Recovery with Colocation Service

  • 24/7 access to state of the art data centre facilities with HVAC, UPS and back-up generator
  • Colocation space
  • Dedicated equipment (client provided)
  • No declaration fees
  • Internet VPN access
  • Up to 140 seats available for client disaster recovery
  • Multiple network suppliers

High Availability Solutions

  • Solution design and fulfillment
  • High availability implementation services
  • Solutions management
  • Colocation services

Off site data vaulting

  • Your own remote backup solution hosted at our datacentre(s)

JD Edwards Application Outsourcing

  • CNC support local or remote
  • Application development
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Full application project management
  • Full application management
  • Full application outsourcing
  • Enterprise software consulting
  • Enterprise integration solutions
  • Enterprise security solutions
  • Business process management
  • Access to over 35 senior JD Edwards consultants

Space, Power and Cooling

  • 100 + seats for client disaster recovery
  • Redundant telecom fibre: Bell · AllStream · Rogers/Atria Networks
  • New 3 megawatt power feed from PowerStream
  • Diesel generator/UPS, closed loop chilled water system
  • Complete security and monitoring system
  • Raised floor environment with caged environments available

Managed Services

  • Remote Mid-Range managed services
  • IBM Power Systems i and systems p management and support - i5/OS and AIX
  • 24/7 monitoring, ticketing and alerting
  • High availability solutions management
  • JD Edwards CNC support