Your data center is the heart of your business because it stores the critical information needed to operate and grow your business. With this in mind, Mid-Range provides data center solutions designed to ensure maximum reliability, security, and availability of your mission-critical data and applications.

The features of our data center offerings include:
  • Co-location, hosting, and outsourcing
  • 150 seats for client disaster recovery
  • Redundant telecom fiber from Bell, AllStream, and Rogers and Cogeco
  • 3-megawatt power feed
  • Diesel generator/UPS and closed-loop chilled water system
  • Complete security and monitoring system
  • Raised floor and caged environment available
  • Convenient access via highways 401, 404, and 407
  • Customizable

Customizable caged space is available for clients with strict security requirements. Our clients have the flexibility to mount their equipment in their own racks or in our racks.


Our on net telco is provided by Bell, Allstream, and Rogers and Cogeco. Dual cord power distribution is available at the client’s request. The data center has been designed based on Uptime Institute Tier 2 standards using N+1 redundancy for active equipment.


By deploying the high efficiency technologies identified below, we are able to reduce the data center power usage effectiveness (PUE) to an anticipated 1.6 compared to an industry average of 2.6. These technologies will allow us to lower our utility costs by millions of dollars over the next decade.

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    Free cooling

    The data center can operate in free cooling mode whenever the outdoor ambienttemperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables us to reduce the mechanical powerrequirements by up to 75% during these periods.

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    Transformerless UPS Usage

    By operating the UPS system at 208V, we are able to eliminate therequirement for an input and output transformer and reduce IT power requirements by up to 15%.

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    High-efficiency UPS

    By selecting green UPS technologies and manufacturers, we are able to improveUPS energy efficiency by up to 8%.


As a result of our scalable design, our clients can quickly deploy additional servers or entire racks when needed.
We are able to guarantee that clients can deploy servers in less than three days. Mid-Range is also planning for
the future. By examining emerging IT trends, we have future-proofed our facility and made it possible for our
clients to provide liquid cooling to their servers as required.