Managed Services, Hosting, and Colocation

What’s your core competency? Chances are it has little to do with IT. You need IT, of course. You just don’t need to manage it, staff it or own it. By taking advantage of our Managed Services, Hosting, Outsourcing and Facilities Management solutions you may not even need to have IT on your site.

It makes good business sense. In fact, when the full cost of in-house data centres is taken into account, Mid-Range outsourcing can save your organization 20-50% compared to running your IT applications in-house.

Don’t worry about force fits or one-size-fits-all templates. We will right-size the solution that meets your business needs whether you have servers on site or want to take advantage of our data centres.

Think about it. Are your servers on raised floors? Are they backed up by UPS and generator? Are they on separate power grids and separate telephone company central office switches? They would be if your IT needs were hosted by Mid-Range.

Bottom Line: Mid-Range outsourcing can cost 20-50% less than running your IT applications in-house.

Justify the cost of Managed Services