With JD Edwards, your business can reduce costs, improve growth, and increase profitability with well-defined business processes driven by information.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated application suite of comprehensive ERP software. It combines business value, standards-based technology, and vast industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership (TCO). By collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data, EnterpriseOne helps you gain insights that grow and improve your business while enhancing customer experience.

The advantages of EnterpriseOne include:

  • Out-of-box flexibility to accommodate unique business processes and best practices
  • A lower TCO that drains fewer IT resources
  • A modular design that allows you to implement the solutions you need as you need them to support a diverse set of business operations
  • Access to information at any level of detail
  • A single, integrated database that houses the latest information on everything from customers to suppliers

EnterpriseOne is an ERP package designed to cater to the needs and resources of growing businesses. It includes the following benefits:

  • Quick access: JD Edwards’ streamlined infrastructure ensures you can access specific, relevant, and reliable information at a moment’s notice. This accelerates your decision-making process, allowing you to react more quickly to changing requirements. The result is a clear competitive advantage for your business.
  • Completeness: Based on open standards, these solutions make it easy to consolidate information from various company systems. This benefit informs your decision-making process with the most accurate, complete, and current data available.
  • Cost control: Centralized and automated data management improves productivity and saves you money. The ERP system integrates with your existing infrastructure and applications without the need for extra investments.
  • High availability: Your data must be available regardless of the circumstances. Secure solutions protect your company’s data from a wide range of internal and external threats.

Mid-Range’s Oracle JD Edwards practice specializes in helping clients implement, upgrade, and maintain their JD Edwards ERP Solution.