Mid-Range has nearly 30 years of experience in Disaster Recovery and Backup of critical systems and data. Six years ago, we chose Veeam as the Mid-Range standard for virtualized backup and recovery. We have now extended our Veeam partnership to the Mid-Range Veeam Cloud Service for Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. Our customers can leverage the Mid-Range Technical Expertise, Data Centers and Business Continuity Services with the full suite of Veeam and VMware solutions.

Veeam® has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ that helps businesses meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) for all applications and data. By leveraging the investments that have been made in virtualization, modern storage and cloud technologies, Veeam provides high Availability for the modern data center through high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility.

Easy, Straightforward Backup In The Cloud

End-to-end Encryption: Encrypt all data at the source, in-flight, and at rest without impacting compression ratios or configuring a VPN.

Granular Restoration: Recover VMs, VMDKs or individual files, anytime.

Complete Visibility: Access Mid-Range hosted backup repositories and track resource consumption from the Veeam management console.

State-of-the-Art Backup: Leverage forever-incremental backups, customized retention policies, WAN acceleration and more in the Veeam solution.

Easy Scheduling: Run backups directly to the cloud or copy an existing backup – continuously, or on a schedule

Complete DRaaS Option: Mix and match backup and full disaster recovery with Veeam DRaaS services from Mid-Range

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Mid-Range provides DRaaS so that workloads and applications can be provided full failover capabilities through the Mid-Range Veeam DRaaS Cloud. Mid-Range works with customers to design and implement a DR strategy that addresses each customer’s requirements for DR and for Backup.

The Mid-Range Veeam DRaaS solution allows customers the ability plan, test and execute recoveries and meet their RTO and RPO objectives

Mid-Range brings 30 years of Backup and Disaster Recovery experience and expertise to our customers.

Mid-Range provides customers with full DR facilities along with our cloud services. This includes disaster recovery seats and hot sites.

The Mid-Range and Veeam partnership provides advanced, image-based VM replication and streamlined disaster recovery – ensuring the Availability of your mission – critical applications.

  • Image-based VM replication: Replicate VMs onsite for high-Availability or offsite for disaster recovery
  • NEW Veeam Cloud Connect Replication: Get replicas off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery site; fast and secure cloud-based disaster recovery (DRaaS) through Mid-Range
  • SureReplica: Automatically test and verify every VM replica for recoverability
  • Built-in WAN acceleration: Get replicas off site up to 50x faster and save bandwidth
  • Failover and Failback: Replica rollback and assisted failover and failback with little to no business interruption