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In June, Gartner released its 2016 Edition of the Magic Quadrant for DRaas (Disaster Recovery as a service). The Magic Quadrant rates offerings on 2 key criteria, Ability to Execute, and Completeness of Vision. Ability to execute includes factors such as product capabilities, feature sets, skills etc., and customer experience, while Completeness of Vision includes factors like market understanding and innovation. These releases can be both a boon and the bane of a vendor or service provider’s life. If your offering has moved from Niche to Leader or Visionary you are ecstatic, if you are dropped, much soul searching ensues. For customers, they often use the Magic Quadrant to help narrow down which solution to use, but should not rule out an offering just because it doesn’t appear on the quadrant. Other factors come into play such as location, relationship with the customer, other customer experiences, price and the fit between the offering and the customer needs.

What does the recent edition tell us? DRaas, which Gartner defines as “A service as the scenario when the service provider manages virtual machine (VM) replication and, optionally, physical machine (PM) replication from the production data center into the cloud, VM/PM activation inside the cloud and recovery exercising within the cloud.” is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25% and is currently a $1.7 Billion industry. By 2018 it is predicted that DRaas will bypass traditional Disaster Recovery subscription services. Adoption rates for small and medium sized businesses have also improved due to more affordability and functionality. Another consideration that is significant in the market is the increased exposure to data breaches and ransomware attacks, which are prompting potential DRaas customers to inquire about monitoring, notification and remediation of these exposures within the provider cloud.

What does all this mean to customers?  DRaas is growing as more companies are working with fewer IT staff, and a lack of a secondary recovery site, while attempting to meet more aggressive RTOs. Acceptance of cloud technologies and its migration into everyday life (think Dropbox, iCloud, Google Cloud etc.) is also driving the business forward. DRaas will likely be in your future. When it is time to decide, Gartner recommends that prospective customers not just rely on the market leaders, as smaller focused providers can often provide a better customer experience.

Mid-Range offers a complete DRaas offering as well as traditional subscription services, and we can handle not only your IBM Power i, but any Intel based systems (HP, Lenovo, Dell etc.), as well as AIX, Linux and VMWARE servers as well. If you just need replication services, we have that covered too with Veeam, Mimix and iCluster.

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