Business Continuity Planning with the Push of a Button

It is crucial that a disaster or live disruptive event is managed efficiently to ensure the business is up and running as quickly as possible.  

Whether it’s extreme weather, fire, flood, explosion, a shooting, data breach, or cyber-attack — an unforeseen event can disrupt business operations at any company.

The reality is that there is no real advance notice that a disaster is ready to strike. Even with some lead time, things can go wrong as every incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways. That is why it’s crucial to ensure your business continues operating during an unplanned event. 

Business Continuity Planning Done Right

Plan4Continuity is dynamiccloud-based continuity planning solution that converts manual and outdated business continuity processes into intelligent, automated workflows that can accelerate business continuity planning with a push of a button.   

Plan4Continuity automates the process of creating, activating, reporting, and simulating business continuity plans. It offers 25continuity templates to ensure you are covered in any emergency – Active Shooter, Data Breach Response, Fire Evacuation, Flood, any Natural Disaster, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security Audits, Ransomware Attack and more. 

The best part is it is completely affordable & easy to set up and deploy within the organization. 

Plan4Continuity enables you to: 

  • Communicate to all active parties via chat, SMS, and voice messaging
  • Offer an industry first solution as every plan includes “Broadcast” and “Call and Roll” technology with asset detection to create servers and assets, as part of any client’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.
  • Run multiple operations simultaneously
  • Change plans and events as they unfold
  • Review simulations of activations right down to each communication and improve plans based on feedback
  • Empower you to manage the actions on mobile devices
  • Report – easily inform all stakeholders of post-event status. Who did and said what – from staff to board level to insurance broker
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Create | Activate | Simulate 

Your Business Continuity Plan

Simple to Use

A smart design and user-friendly. No need for hardware and infrastructure to set up.

Fast Communication

A reactive system that responds without delay. Flexible, resilient, and message driven.

Built on ISO 22301

The principles of ISO22301 for business continuity is being used.

Cloud Technology

Encrypted data protection, redundancy, and 24/7 availability even on remote devices are made possible with state-of-the-art technology.

Multiple Devices

Want to work remotely? P4C works on multiple devices and platforms. Software installation is not required.


Different packages are available from small business to enterprise level. Many free features are included.

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