Cloud-based, COVID-19 pre-screening for workforce safety

The Plan4Continuity COVID-19 Screening Tool for Workplaces contains COVID-19 screening recommendations for businesses and organizations to ensure workplace safety. The tool conducts automated, daily COVID-19 screening of workers or essential visitors entering the workplace. It can be used to communicate the appropriate processes to reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and report on potential COVID-19 cases.

The COVID-19 screening tool offers the following benefits:

  • A daily automated COVID-19 screening workflow
  • Documented compliance with government screening requirements. Completely customizable to any jurisdiction. 
  • Automated communication to all users received via email or SMS

Add customers, people and services that will be affected

Start by adding your customers, people and services that will be affected. This will include amongst others adding a plan manager and deciding what time each day you want to broadcast the screening message to your workforce and your customers when needed.

Health Status Communication

The people added to the broadcast list will receive an email and a text message to which they must reply with their health status. This broadcast includes potential symptoms.

Message Broadcasting & Roll Call Response

After adding the necessary customers, people and services, the COVID-19 pre-screening tool has broadcast, roll call and call tree options which facilitate instant texts to mobile devices or emails to recipients with options to indicate safety status – all tracked and visible in real-time view.