Did You Attend Veeam’s “NEXT BIG THING” Announcement?

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If you are well connected with the world of technology and are tuned in to social media, if you live for Buzzfeed, Reddit, and tech blogs like Gizmodo, ZDNet etc. or even if you just have an interest in data protection, you could not escape the buzz over Veeam’s “Next Big Thing” announcement on Aug 23, 2016.

Estimates are that over 16,000 people initially took time out of their busy days to attend the webinar and learn what Veeam was announcing. Reactions were mixed, with many viewers commenting on the live blog that too much of the 2 hours were spent on marketing and company execs and indeed near the end there were only 4,000 diehards still attending. But, when you got to the good stuff, there were some significant technical product announcements.

The biggest announcement was the introduction of Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud which is basically a roadmap as to where Veeam wants to go. It includes multiple components such as Veeam Availability Suite, Orchestrator, Availability Console, Cloud Connect and agents for Linux, and Microsoft Windows.


Veaam Cloud connect ties together service providers doing managed clouds, with Private on premise clouds and Public cloud providers like Amazon, Azure, Google and vmware so that no matter where your data is, it is protected. Veeam Availability Orchestrator is on top of the entire structure. Orchestrator will create defined plans for when your data should be backed up and when to failover and fall back, as well as do automated non-disruptive testing and finally take your plans and test results and created documentation for you. We all know the value of the last feature, as no one likes to do documentation but everyone (including and especially auditors) wants it.

Even bigger than the Veeam Availability for the Cloud, was Veeam Backup for Office 365 which is targeted for release in Q4 of 2016.


This uses Exchange Web Services to connect to your Office 365 instance and do backups to a new type of repository called an Office 365 repository, which will then enable restoring of someone’s calendar or contacts back into Office 365 or into your Exchange Server.

Mid-Range as a Veeam partner and provider, will stay on top of these announcements and can help you implement Veeam or provide Veeam replication to servers here at Mid-Range. Did you attend the announcement and if so what did you think?

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