Disaster Recovery

Today, disaster recovery is a necessity for organizations of all sizes as we create vast amounts of irreplaceable data and can no longer afford to run without a failover in place. Our simple, affordable, and secure DRaaS equips companies with the ability to restore their critical systems, applications, data, and business files in the shortest amount of time. Our technical expertise, combined with intelligent software in the cloud, ensures that you have a failover to tap into when disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We own and operate multiple raised floor disaster recovery and hosting facilities in Canada. We can replicate your IS virtual environment at a secure offsite location with our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. In the event of any disaster (natural disaster, human error, hardware failure, software errors, cybersecurity breaches, etc), the hosting of your virtual servers will be safe, allowing you to implement a DRasS plan even in the event of a worst-case scenario. As the threat of data breaches grows, you can rest easy with top-level solutions for backup and disaster recovery.


  • A large disaster recovery location just outside the Toronto power grid
  • Dedicated backup servers are available 24/7
  • Work area recovery enables the simultaneous recovery of multiple clients at any given time
  • We have traditional and cloud based disaster recovery solutions

Disaster Recovery Seats

When a disaster strikes and you can’t access your office space, how do you do business? Besides backup and recovery, we also offer disaster recovery seats / work area recovery, so that your business can continue to run even if your facilities are unusable.

Whether your business is affected by a natural disaster, extended electricity outages or any other disruption, you don’t have to sacrifice data and profit. Work area recovery solutions makes sure your staff have all the equipment you need to continue to do business. Mid-Range’s work area recovery location offers everything from desktop computers, internet access, and telephones, to office automation services, meeting rooms, crisis management centres, kitchen facilities and breakaway areas.

Our affordable syndicated work environment is ideally located close to an IT and network recovery infrastructure. The location boasts a variety of suites of various configurations, including large open plan work areas and single offices.

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