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Hosting data, infrastructure, and applications in the cloud comes with real benefits to your business. However, it can also present its own set of challenges. At Mid-Range, we understand the unique stresses and worries that you face when running mission-critical workloads and applications in the cloud.

We can replicate your IS virtual environment at a secure site in a different location with our DRaaS solutions. In the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster, the hosting of your virtual servers will be safe, allowing you to implement a disaster recovery plan even in the event of a worst-case scenario

Affordable disaster recovery for all businesses

Traditionally, disaster recovery was out of reach for many companies as only big corporations could afford the large upfront investment that creating an off-site disaster recovery location entailed. Besides the capital investment needed, companies also required very specific IT resources to ensure that everything was set up correctly and proactively maintained. Many businesses couldn’t afford these costs, which made disaster recovery planning seem like an out-of-reach luxury.

Today, virtually any business is creating vast amounts of irreplaceable data. They can no longer afford to run their businesses without a failover in place. Disaster recovery is a necessity!

Our simple, affordable, and secure DRaaS solutions equip companies with the ability to restore their critical systems, applications, data, and business files in the shortest amount of time.

Our technical expertise; combined with intelligent software in the cloud; ensures that you have a failover to tap into when disaster strikes.

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