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[On-Demand Webinar] CYBERCRIME: Major Impact from a Microscopic Threat

When:  Recorded on June 17, 2020
Where: On-Demand Webinar

Learn how COVID-19 has changed the cybercrime landscape
and some things you should know and do

The onset of COVID-19 has changed the way we all live, work and interact. It has been the single most impactful contributing factor to the constantly evolving Cybersecurity landscape and the Cybercrime threats being faced by private citizens and corporations both large and small in recent history. This impact has been on a global scale as cybercriminals increase the rate, diversity and complexity of their attacks in the wake of this unprecedented pandemic.

Please join Kenrick Bagnall, Detective Constable for the Toronto Police Services, for this presentation to gain valuable insight of what is happening on the front lines everyday when it comes to cybercrime across Canada and around the world — as well as perspective on how we must react to deal with the increasing threats.

We will also have 10 minutes at the end for live Q&A

Kenrick Bagnall

Detective Constable – Computer Cyber Crime (C3)

Kenrick has been a member of the Toronto Police Service since April of 2006 and currently serves as an investigator in the Coordinated Cyber Centre (C3) of Intelligence Services. Prior to joining the Toronto Police Service Kenrick spent twenty years in the Information Technology industry primarily in the financial services sector, and has held the positions of Senior Network Analyst, Information Technology Manager and Senior Vice President of Information Technology.

Kenrick is also an Associate Professor at George Brown College where he designed and instructs the Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Cyber Incident Response & Recovery courses and also lectures on the University of Toronto Global Professional Master of Laws, Innovation, Law and Technology program.

Kenrick has been published in Canadian Security Magazine and Cybersecurity In Canada, A Guide to Best Practices, Planning and Management,(LexisNexis). Kenrick’s background in Information Technology combined with his Law Enforcement experience has uniquely positioned him as an investigator, instructor and presenter on technology, information security and cyber investigations.

Red Hat Open Source Solutions to Drive Innovation & Efficiency

When: Jul 29-Aug5-Aug 12-Aug 19, 2020
Time: 11:00 am – 11:45 am ET

Cost: No Charge
Where: Zoom Webinar

Join us for a 4-part series to discover how Red Hat can enhance and modernize your IT environment.

The world has shifted.  To keep pace your organization needs to shift along with it. New workloads, open source solutions, hybrid cloud and tighter customer engagement demands a new agile approach for business and the underpinning IT solutions supporting it.

Join us for this series of short webinars with a Red Hat Solutions Architect to learn how Red Hat automation, container architectures, and a portfolio of middleware can expand your business solutions and help respond to the rapid changes occurring all around us.

A live Q&A to address your questions or concerns will follow the sessions.

You can register for any or all of the sessions. There is no cost for Midrange Customers.

Session Schedule

July 29: Introduction to Red Hat and the Open Source Ecosystem

Red Hat is the world leader in opensource technology and offers far more than the industry-leading Linux OS. Constant innovation keeps you ahead of the curve, with a suite of middleware solutions providing low-cost alternatives for VMware, Solaris, and Websphere Customers. Find out how to use the Red Hat tools to efficiently manage, optimize, and scale these environments on-prem and in the cloud.

Aug 5: Container-Based Architectures – what does this mean for your business?

Learn about Docker, Kubernetes, and Openshift and how to develop applications that can run anywhere, eliminating vendor lock-in and architecture restrictions.   A DevOps and a micro-services approach can slash development time facilitating continuous innovation, accelerating your ability to respond to market changes as they occur.

Aug 12: Automate Operations to Improve Your Team’s Efficiency and Scale

Red Hat Ansible offers an easy to learn platform to automate repetitive tasks, patch management, configuration management, as well as workload and infrastructure orchestration.  Ansible playbooks transform complex time-consuming tasks into a single mouse-click to launch validated operations, with predictable results reducing user error. Find out why the Ansible motto is “Automate the boring stuff”!

Aug 19: Don’t Change Your Whole IT Landscape – Unify It

Red Hat interlocks with many of the technologies you and your customers use today. Because so much of the world runs on Linux (even Macs!), Red Hat plugs into just about everything. Running Puppet or Chef? No problem! VmWare? VSphere? Security software? Tie it all together with the Red Hat family of products.

About The Presenter

Felicia Ward is a Field Solutions Architect who works with Red Hat partners and customers to realize growth in the opensource community. After spending five years working in education and three years supporting Red Hat, Felicia believes that the major value to be had in technology is in understanding it and how it intersects with humanity. Felicia has supported many partners into increasing their Red Hat footprint and leads educational efforts to make opensource intergenerational. She currently spearheads the Red Hat Academy initiative with St. Petersburg College and produces monthly educational webinars on Red Hat technology.

Felicia is a certified Sales Engineer with Red Hat pursuing her Certified Architect accreditation.