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7 Cybersecurity Tips

For today’s enterprise, the question is not whether you will be attacked. It’s when, by what, and how badly your company’s reputation or finances will be damaged. A Disaster Recovery Plan is key.

The Cybercrime Equation

Learn the best ways to keep your systems and your data safe from ransomware attacks, with advice from Danny Pehar, Bestselling Cybersecurity Author and Technology Council Member at Forbes.

The Three “V”s of Big Data

Before you create your first draft of the schema or the architecture you must put into perspective this part of the problem you are being asked to solve. You must deal with the three “V”s of data which are volume, velocity, and variety.

Solution Decision Information Flow for Better Business Decisions

The use of a Solution Decision Information Flow can improve your business decisions. Read this article to see a real-world example of how it can help.


At COLLABORATE 20, IT decision makers, super users, system administrators and developers alike find practical solutions to today’s business technology problems, while learning about tomorrow’s strategies.

Mid-Range achieved Platinum Partner Status with IBM!

This is an achievement that few businesses are able to achieve, and requires dedication and success beyond industry averages.

As an IBM Platinum Partner, we have access to IBM resources and training to supplement our already vast range of knowledge and experience in IT.

October 29th Cybersecurity Awareness Leadership Lessons

Danny Pehar, Cybersecurity Expert and Forbes Author, teamed up with Mid-Range to deliver cybersecurity training during a recent event in Toronto, Ontario.

The event put a strong focus on security training to combat enterprise-level ransomware and fraud. Learn some of the key highlights and advice:

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