It’s time to revolutionize the entry-enterprise storage space

You are challenged to deliver more with less budget. You need to optimize your IT infrastructure to drive growth without sacrificing the performance, quality, or security of your IT services.

The new FlashSystem 5200 is everything you need to address infrastructure transformation in only 1U; built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, designed to deliver industry-leading performance, cost efficiency and enterprise class hybrid cloud storage for clients of all sizes.

Storage Made Simple for All

  • Deliver more work with fewer drives and lower cost
  • Reduce IT clutter with all your storage in as little as one skinny drawer
  • Always on HA features in a pizza box instead of refrigerator-sized systems
  • Simple to configure and operate
  • Simple to acquire and upgrade
  • Compact design for space-constrained edge locations and entry deployments
  • Consistent capabilities for on-prem and hybrid cloud
, FlashSystem 5200

Mid-Range Early Ship Evaluation

Mid-Range, an IBM Platinum Gold Partner, was thrilled to be an early-ship recipient of the innovative new IBM FlashSystem. Here’s the feedback from our technical staff:

“Easy to set up right out of the box”

“The reduced latency is phenomenal”

“ What you can fit in 1U is tremendous”

“Scalability is off the charts”

“Flexible and easy to deploy with various workloads”

“The IOPS are very impressive”

“Everyone should be looking at the FS5200 as part of their storage profile.”

, FlashSystem 5200