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Vision Solutions released Version 8.1 of Mimix on Jan 26, 2016, but of course many customers are still on older versions like 7.1. There are a number of very nice enhancements in 8.1 that may drive you consider an upgrade, such as Continuous Autofix which provides intelligent fixing of issues discovered during replication and audits, disabling of constraints on the backup and smart problem resolution which shows a side by side comparison of OS attributes for object differences on a single screen. However the most important reason for an upgrade is revealed in the annual State of Resilience Report that Vision releases which can be downloaded here: Vision Solutions 2016 State of Resilience report 

In a survey including over 600 IT professionals from around the world, 44% of respondents were not current or did not know the status of their upgrades, audits and role swap tests, and 18% of customers never perform a role swap. If you don’t perform a role swap on a regular basis you do NOT have an HA or DR solution, you have shelf ware. HA is like the propane power generator that sits outside a cottage and fires off a test once a week to see if it can still generate power. If the test never runs, how do you know it will work when you need it?

Mimix 8.1 provides that insurance by offering a virtual role swap of application groups, to allow testing of a role swap (including updates on objects on the backup/recovery node) at any time without impacting production applications. Transactions are still sent to the recovery node thus protecting your RPO, but are buffered until the test is complete. At test completion, all transactions that occurred are rolled back through the RMVJRNCHG command and other techniques, and the buffered transactions are then applied to get you back in sync with the primary production system. All of this is done and audited through a single button on the VSP (Vision Solutions Portal)!

Mimix 8.1 screenshot 1 - Jun2016

You can also display all the objects that were changed and rolled back from the VSP:

Mimix 8.1 screenshot 2 - Jun2016

The new Virtual Switch capability in Mimix 8.1 makes upgrading a “no brainer”! Contact Mid-Range to see how we can assist you in getting your HA environment up to the latest release, or even manage it completely. Check out the latest features of 8.1.

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