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IBM AIX Professional Services

As a CIO or IT manager, you must focus on getting the strategic partnerships you need to drive innovation and accelerate service delivery in your company. Mid-Range’s IBM AIX professional services will help you achieve this. Not only will you get the support from our highly experienced IBM certified tech team, you will have your internal infrastructure done right with a quicker time to market.

Trusted expertise in:

  • AIX Managed & Professional Services
    • AIX installation and customization
    • AIX version upgrades
    • AIX technology level and service pack upgrades
    • Problem determination and resolution
    • Security setup
    • Security review
    • AIX administration
  • Storage management
  • User management
  • Backup and recovery
    • AIX server virtualization
  • Virtualization planning
  • VIOS server installation and customization
  • VIOS server upgrades
    • AIX server migration (move to new/different hardware)
    • SAN storage configuration and migration
    • AIX NIM server configuration, setup, and maintenance
  • IBM Power Server Hardware
    • Planning
    • Power server installation
    • Power server virtualization
    • Power server upgrades
  • IBM Storage (SAN)
    • Planning
    • Fibre switch installation and configuration
    • Disk subsystem installation and configuration
    • Storage provisioning
    • Local and cross-site data replication
    • Storage migration
  • IBM Linux on Power
    • Planning
    • Power-LC server installation and configuration
    • PowerKVM installation and configuration
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation and setup (Power and Power-LC VMs)
  • Assist in architecting solutions for Power servers and required peripherals according to customer needs
  • Number and size of Power connections
  • Number of network connections required
  • SAN, switches and storage. Number of disk, size and speed
  • Number of AIX servers/LPAR’s
  • Tape drive and/or libraries required
  • Linux support
  • Install and configure tape libraries and backup solutions
  • Install and configure HMC
  • Write scripts to manage servers when no applications are available
  • Daily or weekly reviews of managed servers
  • On-call support of managed customers
  • Yearly documentation of customers environment
  • Resolve customer questions and problems
  • Scheduled check of logs



If you are looking for the best professional support with the most experienced technicians, contact Mid-Range to get the job done right.