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IBM i Power Systems Hosting

Are you looking for the best solution to manage your IBM iSeries environments including older AS/400®, iSeries® and System i® servers? At Mid-Range we understand your challenges. We offer solutions that ensure your data is secure, your mission critical systems and applications don’t go down, and you get the support you need when you need it.

Trusted expertise in:

  • IBM Managed Services
    • Owning, Operating, Hosting & Outsourcing IBM Power, IBM Storage & IBM Spectrum
  • High Availability, Backup & Disaster Recovery
    • Vision Mimix, Rocket iCluster, IBM BRMS, Veeam & Spectrum Project
  • 24/7/365  Support
    • Backup, vaulting and high availability management

Why Mid-Range for your IBM i Power Systems Hosting?

What’s your core competency? Chances are it has little to do with IT. You need IT, of course. You just don’t need to manage it, staff it, or own it. By taking advantage of our managed services, hosting, outsourcing, and facilities management solutions, you may not even need to have IT on your site. Our customers tell us our service makes good business sense.

Here are a few reasons why they stay loyal and recommend us:

  • Improved Compliance
    • Address PIPEDA, HIPAA, PCI, Federal, Provincial and State security regulations.
  • 24/7/365 Server Access
    • Ability to have physical access to their servers at any time with no hassle OR remote access with a secure and simple login
  • Experienced in IBM i Managed Services
    • As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we are one of IBM Canada’s largest business partners for IBM Power Systems, storage, and software
  • High Level of Security
    • Full 24/7/365 monitoring, ticketing, alerting and remediation by Mid-Range technical personnel

Mid-Range outsourcing can cost 20-50% less than running your IT applications in-house.