IT Services Tailored for You

We have a successful performance history in delivering Managed IT Services to Canadian business. With an over 31-year track record, we are here for you when you need us.

Managed IT Services

Maximize your IT investment with strategic planning, predictable rates and steadfast support.

IBM Power i

Mid-Range is a top-tiered, IBM Platinum Business Partner. When we manage your IBM Power i environments, we ensure your data is secure, your mission critical systems and applications don’t go down, and you get the support you need when you need it. We have experienced personnel that will manage your IBM Power i and iSeries environments, including your older AS/400 servers.

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AIX is an enterprise-class UNIX operating system (OS) for the POWER processor architecture found in IBM Power Systems. This infrastructure is secure, highly available and able to adapt quickly to changing business needs. Mid-Range’s managed AIX service provides you with monitoring, metering and automation of your business-critical AIX systems.

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x86 Servers & Storage

Simplify and streamline your IT environments with the use of x86 servers and storage that are built to address important challenges such as power inefficiencies, infrastructure security, and network latency. Gain complete peace of mind with 24/7/365 support, and an affordable solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has been designed to enable you to respond to competitive pressures, expand and innovate while minimizing infrastructure costs. When you partner with Mid-Range, you will have limitless scalability and agility, as well as a fast time to market.

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Hosting / Co-Location

Free up your IT personnel and allow us to take care of everything: From infrastructure maintenance to task automation, issue tracking and resolution. We create a customized plan that can be adapted as your business grows, and includes 24/7/365 monitoring, management, maintenance and support and all the space, power and cooling you need.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

How resilient will your business be in the event of a disaster? Invest in backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to proactively ensure your business can respond and recover from any disaster.


Physical backup tapes can experience read failures, but you won’t know this until you are doing a recovery. With Mid-Range’s fully Managed Backup as a Services (BUaaS), all recovery procedures, technology assets, documentation, designs, and experienced staff are available right from the start. Expensive backup software is not required, you don’t have to spend money on training, and you don’t have to pay for offsite tape storage services.

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DRaaS & Disaster Recovery Seats

Have your IS virtual environment replicated at a secure site in a secondary location with our DRaaS solution with DR Seats. In the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster, the hosting of your virtual servers will be safe and your team will have an offsite location to safely work from.

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High Availability

Syncsort’s Vision Mimix or Rocket iCluster Management: Choose the level of High Availability Service that meets your needs and budget and let our professionals handle the rest. Mid-Range has been doing this for our customers for over 20 years and we’re here to help you choose, implement, test and monitor and remediate a solution that is custom fit to your unique requirements.

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Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam is our standard for virtualized backup and recovery for x86 & storage environments. It lets you maximize the cloud opportunity as part of a comprehensive availability strategy that includes off-site infrastructure and a hybrid cloud solution. Our partnership with Veeam includes Veeam Cloud Service for Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. Benefit from Mid-Range’s technical expertise, data centers and business continuity services with the full suite of Veeam and VMware solutions tailored to your needs.

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Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

Your organization’s ability to survive a disaster or a virus is only as good as your last backup. If you are running regular backups to tape you may feel secure, but in today’s world, you need near zero RPOs and RTOs that may not be possible with tape only. Mid-Range Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is a monthly service where your backup data is automatically replicated to one of our 2 secure SSAE 18 SOC1 CSAE 3416 and ISAE 34002 certified data centers.

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Professional IT Services

Have your IT infrastructure designed and implemented by a highly experienced team of IT professionals that focus on driving innovation and getting you the backup, support, maintenance, strategic planning, consulting and professional services solutions you need.

IBM i Power Systems Professional Services

Are you looking for the best team to facilitate a complete corporate IT infrastructure for your IBM Power i environments including older AS/400, iSeries and System i servers?

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x86 Professional Services

x86 servers are built to address important challenges such as power inefficiencies, infrastructure security, and network latency, allowing your business to maximize your server solution.

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IBM AIX Professional Services

As a CIO or IT manager, you must focus on building the strategic partnerships needed to drive innovation and accelerate service delivery in your company. Our IBM AIX Professional Services can help. Learn how your business can be more robust and secure with our AIX offerings.

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JDE Implementation Services

Because companies are always changing, an ERP solution must adapt accordingly. For this reason, we provide access to the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World product suites. In addition, we help your business realize the power of the latest ERP innovations through best practice.

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Private Cloud

Power your business performance with the right combination of on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Our cloud specialists will help you determine the optimal environment and implementation plan. Whether you deploy your equipment, our equipment, or a shared solution, we will deliver an on-demand IT environment that is highly secure and built to accommodate growth.

JDE Private Cloud

This option is ideal if you have: an Oracle JD Edwards production environment, a cloud-based training platform complete with your data, an Oracle JD Edwards high availability and disaster recovery environment, a prototype or test environment to support your implementation or upgrade.

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Mid-Range IBMi or AIX Private Cloud

No more capital investments, just one monthly opex number. Flexibility in compute, storage, software, backup and high availability managed to your specifications 24/7/365 with security and SLAs that give you peace of mind.

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x86 Private Cloud

Always know where your data is, and customize your own backup solutions with your own private x86 cloud at Mid-Range.

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Veeam Private Cloud

When you have on-premise Veeam licences it is easy and straightforward to extend these deployments to the cloud. Avoid the cost and complications involved with creating and maintaining off-site backups and disaster recovery plans by sending backups and replicas to Mid-Range, a Veeam Gold Cloud Service Provider.

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IBM Cloud

If you are looking for a way to reduce your on-premises IT footprint, then a private cloud is the ideal option. As a trusted private cloud provider, Mid-Range can help you set up a private cloud or create a hybrid cloud deployment that uses a mix of private and public cloud services with IBM.

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