IBM Security

Securing your IBM systems needs to be a top priority, especially with the increasing number of ransomware attacks, data breaches, leaks of sensitive personal information & PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Combine these issues with tightening IT budgets and retiring IBM i staff, the result is that most shops have to move security to the back burner.

You may think you are secure because you run IBM i on a Power Server, but 1/3 of all companies running IBM i have not secured their systems using policies recommended by IBM i and third-party security firms.* This can be a big problem!

So what is the solution? Let Mid-Range Managed Security Services (MMSS) do it for you!

These services include:

  • An annual risk assessment
  • 12 monthly reports on up to 10 security topics
  • Experts from Help Systems and Mid-Range to review the results with you and provide remediation
  • Licenses for all software required

Please CLICK HERE to see what security issues other IBM i shops are experiencing, and then request your own Systems Security Audit to assess your risk.

*Source: Help Systems 2016 State of IBM i Security Study.

Free IBM Power i System Security Audit

The IBM Power i System Security Audit by Mid-Range is a scan that leverages a tool by HelpSystems to provide you with a customized report and actionable recommendations to improve security at your company. It covers everything from administrative privileges to public authority, network access, FTP access, system security, user security, and system auditing.

Your scan does the following:

  • Runs in approximately 10 minutes
  • Involves no security or system value changes
  • Installs as a licensed program product
  • Comes with a 7-day key which allows you to run it as many times as you would like on any system
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