We take a client-centered approach to implementing our Oracle JD Edwards solutions. You will receive the highest level of quality, with a cost-effective solution that is fully implemented on time.

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JDE Implementation Services

Grow your company.

We provide access to the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World product suites to make sure your solution stays relevant and grows with your company.

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JDE Implementation Services

With our JD Edwards practice, you get the best ERP, reporting, archiving, and security tools to help your company run more efficiently. You can manage your data more effectively to gain actionable insights that will grow your business and improve customer service.

  • Our client-centered approach aligns with your goals to provide unique and flexible pricing, while delivering an on-time and on-budget project.
  • Using our proven methodology, process, tools, people, and resources, we deliver solutions that follow best practices.
  • We provide maximum end-user adoption through a variety of services that integrate functional, technical, and change management.
  • Around-the-clock hosting staff combined with state-of-the-art infrastructure gives you top-quality maintenance and monitoring.

Considering an upgrade? Take the following considerations into account:

  • Functional Capabilities 
    When considering an upgrade, begin by comparing the latest capabilities and enhancements to existing features. You can then determine what value may be gained in return for the investment of time and resources.
  • Technological Enhancements 
    As you refine your application upgrade strategy, consider your technical infrastructure requirements. These include client architecture, application server, web services, customizations, database options, and hosting or outsourcing options.
  • User Support and Change Management
    During the upgrade process, change management helps ensure smooth user adoption as the project is upgraded and deployed.

JDE Managed CNC

Save time and money.

Why build your own Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne team when you can save time and money by taking advantage of the remotely-managed CNC services offered by Mid-Range?

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JDE Managed CNC

Hiring in-house Configurable Network Computing (CNC) support is expensive. You may spend time looking for someone only to end up empty-handed. Even if you do find someone, there are other cost considerations that come with in-house CNC support. Such costs come in the form of staff turnover, bonuses, training, vacation days, equipment expenses, salary, benefits, and administrative costs.

With Mid-Range Managed CNC, you get all the system administration and expert technical support services – including package management, regular JD Edwards updates, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting – without the business risk associated with depending too heavily on one individual.

Get started by requesting a detailed cost analysis that compares the true cost of in-house with outsourcing options. It will help you identify the true cost of building and maintaining your own Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne team. Once you’ve made the comparison, outsourcing may be the clear winner.

Benefits to Your Company

  • Access to Mid-Range’s team of JD Edwards experts
  • Continuous staff training and skills development guaranteed as an Oracle Gold Partner
  • Fixed monthly cost, optimal performance, and monthly reporting of uptime
  • Customizable Help Desk Support with a strategic focus (rather than a tactical focus)

JDE Private Cloud

Get professional advice.

For almost 30 years, we have been helping with traditional, on-premise deployments. We can assess your current infrastructure and offer professional advice on the best way to implement the cloud for your needs.

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JDE Private Cloud

Deployment: you have choice. With cloud today, we provide the option for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Depending on your needs, you can deploy your equipment, our equipment, or a shared solution. Some elements of your infrastructure may be offered in-house, while others can be fully managed or outsourced.

Benefits of Deploying JD Edwards Private Cloud

  • Infrastructure is housed in Mid-Range’s secure data center with 24/7 monitoring
  • Reduced capital expenses through a subscription-based model in which you pay for what you use when you use it
  • Technology that flexes and scales to meet changing business needs
  • Reduced IT costs, including hardware, data center space, security, and facility cooling
  • Private cloud available in complete operating expense mode
  • Shared environments through public cloud
  • High availability and data replication to multiple data centers
  • 150 seats for disaster recovery
  • Frees your staff to focus on innovation

JD Edwards Private Cloud is Ideal For:

  • Your Oracle JD Edwards production environment
  • A cloud-based training platform complete with your data
  • Your Oracle JD Edwards high availability and disaster recovery environment
  • A prototype or test environment to support your implementation or upgrade

JDE PartnersReportsNow

Enhance your JDE experience.

Empower your team to pull reporting more easily, and have more confidence in your JDE security. Mid-Range have partnerships with software tools for JD Edwards, which enhance your JDE experience.

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Software Partners

ReportsNow is the premier reporting solution provider to thousands of JD Edwards users throughout the world. Their tools replace complex JD Edwards reporting processes, with a simple method of creating beautiful, real-time reports. With ReportsNow, your company can answer tough business questions with unprecedented speed and agility, and reduce your dependency on IT resources.

Why struggle with JDE Reporting when ReportsNow instantly makes your JDE Reporting easier? Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes, say hello to automated results and savings.

AllOut Security provides the most powerful set of risk, security, audit, compliance and segregation of duties tools available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World. Intuitive interfaces, simple pricing, and a powerful feature set helps you to achieve best practice in audit processes, security tracking, change control management, and accuracy. AllOut Security reduces the upgrade costs associated with redesigning your JD Edwards security.

ARCTOOLS is the leading data purging and archiving tool for Oracle JD Edwards. ARCTOOLS has helped over 600 Oracle customers on six continents to quickly and efficiently purge and archive their data.

By optimizing ERP data, ARCTOOLS enables you to reduce storage costs and increase productivity. With less data to manage, your IT team will spend less time on database administration and backups. Improved system performance will benefit end users. With reduced data conversion time, upgrades become quicker and easier.

Everest has been shaping the field of JD Edwards Solutions since 2003 with their leading designs and innovations. Turn to Everest to streamline oversight of accounting, inventory, marketing, sales, ecommerce, point of sale, merchandise returns, shipping, receiving, customer relationship management, and more.

Everest have developed 20+ powerful and groundbreaking JDE tools, that are used by thousands of JDE customers in over 60 countries. Everest Tools are non-intrusive with practically no configuration needs, have intuitive and easy to use interfaces, and require no training or consulting.

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