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Hiring in-house Configurable Network Computing (CNC) support is expensive. You may spend time looking for someone only to end up empty-handed. Even if you do find someone, there are other cost considerations that come with in-house CNC support. Such costs come in the form of staff turnover, bonuses, training, vacation days, equipment expenses, salary, benefits, and administrative costs.

Why build your own Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne team when you can save time and money by taking advantage of the remotely-managed CNC services offered by Mid-Range?

With Mid-Range Managed CNC, you get all the system administration and expert technical support services – including package management, regular JD Edwards updates, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting – without the business risk associated with depending too heavily on one individual.


  • Access to Mid-Range’s team of JD Edwards experts

  • Continuous staff training and skills development guaranteed as an Oracle Gold Partner

  • Fixed monthly cost, optimal performance, and monthly reporting of uptime

  • Customizable Help Desk Support with a strategic focus – rather than a tactical focus

Get started by requesting a detailed cost analysis that compares the true cost of in-house with outsourcing options. It will help you identify the true cost of building and maintaining your own Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne team. Once you’ve made the comparison, outsourcing may be the clear winner.


Mid-Range outsourcing costs 50% less than supporting those applications in-house.