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Fully Managed Hosting Service

Focus on your revenue-generating core business, driving innovation, and reaching your IT goals with fully managed hosting services from Mid-Range. We take care of everything: from the infrastructure maintenance to task automation and issue tracking and resolution so that your IT resources are freed up to provide more value to your business.

When you partner with Mid-Range, we create a tailored solution for your business. We understand that no two companies are alike: each client has their own needs and goals to achieve.

A customized managed hosting service includes:

  • Consultation

  • Design

  • Planning & Implementation

This ensures that you have 24/7/365 monitoring, management, maintenance and support.


Our managed hosting solutions include:

  • Database management

  • Storage solutions that are tailored to your requirements

  • Building and managing a secure network infrastructure

  • Multi-cloud connectivity

  • Cloud storage to ensure your data is always accessible

  • Public and private cloud integration and management

  • Dedicated servers for high-performance workloads

  • Dedicated VMWare environments managed by VMWare specialists

Why Mid-Range for managed hosting services?

Peace of mind

Mid-Range’s security, technical expertise and dedicated support staff free your time allowing you to concentrate on core competencies. We focus on maintaining IT systems, managing on-site and cloud data centers, and any other task you need.

No single point of failure

If your company operates from different offices and geographies, it is likely that there are several layers of redundant networking, security, and power processes. With a managed hosting service provider, you will no longer have a single point of failure. We make sure that your critical applications, data, business files, and services are secure and available at all times.

Customized services and support

Instead of hiring additional technical expertise for new projects and strategic planning, you can tap into our vast pool of resources and knowledge. We create a customized plan that can be adapted as your business grows.


Contact Mid-Range to find out more about our fully managed hosting services today.