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Mid-Range is more than a managed IT services company. We take a proactive approach by using our expertise to assess the unique needs of our customers. We add value to the cutting-edge products we provide through our award-winning service, which delivers complete solutions designed to conquer your individual business challenges.

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A well-designed server solution has a direct effect on your bottom line. The right solution that is cost-effective and offers performance, availability and reliability, is the backbone of your IT strategy.

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Mid-Range Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage. By connecting data across any architecture, storage from Mid-Range delivers deeper insights faster — giving you the edge to outthink and outperform your competition and win in the cognitive era.

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Leading organizations don’t come to Mid-Range because they want more IT, they come to us because they want more from their IT. When you team with Mid-Range, you have access to leading software solutions to tackle the challenges of data growth.

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When you partner with Mid-Range, you partner with the top companies in the IT business. Our certifications give us the expertise to create solutions using hardware and software from the leaders in the industry.

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