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Thirty years ago, IBM released it’s first portable laptop, the IBM PC Convertible (model 5140). The 13-pound model featured an Intel 8088 CPU (4.77 MHz), 256KB of RAM, dual 3.5-inch floppy-drive storage, a 2,400mAh NiCd battery, a detachable, 640 x 200 monochrome screen and… no hard drive. Windows 2.0 was released, boomboxes and lazer tag were all the rage, the first alphanumeric pager the Motorola PMR 2000 was released and the first cell phone small enough to fit into a pocket was the M2 Pocket Phone by Excell Communications at a whopping $3750 price tag (without a data plan)! Dan Duffy, Zdy Orlinski and the late Steven Crowe had NONE of this high technology in 1987. All they had was a card table and a phone.

Thirty years ago today Mid-Range started with 2 employees, no technology, but a passion for driving success for IBM customers who couldn’t afford to purchase new, by buying, selling and brokering used midrange computer equipment. A Compaq 286 30 MB PC with monitor, dot matrix printer (probably the same ones still used at airport gates to print passenger lists) and a second phone line soon followed. After purchasing their first¬†gently-used System 38 for $30K, they needed office space and acquired a 1500 sq ft commercial unit on Esna Park in Markham.

Thirty years later Mid-Range has now grown into a full service IT solutions company with 65+ employees with two raised floor hot-site data centers (28,000 sq ft and 6,000 sq ft) and over 600 person years of experience in the Oracle JDE and IBM Mid-market space in Canada and the US. Mid-Range employees are talented, dedicated, and service oriented team players who care about their customers and the community. Food Bank drives, supporting local teams and families and the charitable fund raising activities that we engage in help give back to the communities we live in and cherish. We started on IBM i and are industry leaders in providing disaster recovery and IBM i services and hardware for our clients, having achieved IBM Platinum Partner status, but our customers requested more. We delivered, becoming a JD Edwards Oracle Gold partner, and expanding into private cloud for all Intel based systems and storage including Lenovo (IBM xSeries), HP, VMWare, Veeam, Vision, Microsoft and other products.

While the next 30 years may bring self driving autonomous cars, nano-robots in the bloodstream to keep us healthy, embedded data chips to allow for paying with a tap of our fingers, and thought based control of IBM i and Linux applications, Mid-Range will still be driving customer success, caring about our customers, communities and employees. Who knows, we may even have one of those self driving cars! Happy 30th Mid-Range!

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