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For almost 30 years, we have been helping with traditional, on-premise deployments. With the increasing popularity of the cloud today, we provide the option for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions. Depending on your needs, you can deploy your equipment, our equipment, or a shared solution. Our cloud computing infrastructure provides the benefit of an on-demand IT environment that is highly secure and built to accommodate growth.

We can assess your current infrastructure and offer professional advice on the best way to implement the cloud for your needs.

Reasons for deploying Mid-Range Cloud:

  • Infrastructure housed in Mid-Range’s secure data center with 24/7 monitoring
  • Reduced capital expenses through a subscription-based model in which you pay for what you use when you use it
  • Technology that flexes and scales to meet changing business needs
  • Reduced IT costs, including hardware, data center space, security, and facility cooling
  • Private cloud available in complete operating expense mode
  • Shared environments through public cloud
  • High availability and data replication to multiple data centers
  • 150 seats for disaster recovery
  • Frees your staff to focus on innovation

Mid-Range Cloud is ideal for:

  • A cloud-based training platform complete with your data
  • Your high availability and disaster recovery environment
  • A prototype or test environment to support your implementation

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