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Mid-Range believes in partnering with the best to ensure our customers receive the best products and services. Help Systems for a long time now in the IBM i world, has been synonymous with best of breed products.

The Help Systems mission is to provide IT management software and services that expertly solves business problems with elegant solutions. Another way to phrase this is Software, Services, and Support That Make Your Life Easier. HelpSystems develops powerful, easy-to-use software for cybersecurity, IT operations management and monitoring, business intelligence, and document management.

Mid-Range is not only a Help Systems partner but an end user of Help Systems products. Our managed services technical specialists install, configure and use Robot Alert, and Robot Console on our customer systems for day to day monitoring. Our Managed Security Services rely on Help Systems PowerTech and Skyview products for Risk Assessments. Our customers rely on us to help with PowerTech Interact, Compliance Monitor, Authority Broker and Network Security. We know Help Systems!


Robot Alert: Forwarding the messages via EMAIL, text or SNMP that you need to stay on top of your IBM i

Robot Console: Monitoring QSYSOPR, message queues and other IBM i alerts to help automate processes and via Alert, let you know when to take action

PowerTech Network Security: Quickly apply user exits to monitor ODBC, FTP, DDM and other non-standard unaudited techniques for accessing IBM i data.

PowerTech Compliance Monitor: Reporting on changes to system values, user profile inactivity, audit journal entries etc. to make your next IBM i audit easier.

PowerTech Authority Broker: Allow users to switch into higher authority profiles when required and track everything that is done during the switch.

PowerTech Interact: Feed an SIEM like SPLUNK or SUMO directly and automatically from QAUDJRN.

Skyview Risk Assessor: Determine where the security risks live on your IBM i and help mitigate those risks

SkyView Policy Minder: Once policies have been defined for security such as authorization lists, system values, object authorities, track any changes to these policies and optionally automatically revert back to your standard policies.

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