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Mid-Range VTL with Cybernetics
Mid-Range VTL Service
Cybernetics VTL

Your organization’s ability to survive a disaster or a virus is only as good as your last backup.

If you are running regular backups to tape you may feel secure, but in today’s world, you need near zero RPOs and RTOs that may not be possible with tape only. There are also costs and risks associated with handling, shipping and storing tapes. You could look at an HA solution, but that involves day to day management and can be expensive. What you really need is your backup data at a remote location, something between physical tape and full HA. If it can handle both your IBM i and open systems, all the better! Mid-Range can help.

Mid-Range in co-ordination with Cybernetics now offers Mid-Range VTL as part of our BUaaS and DRaaS offerings. Mid-Range VTL is a monthly service where your backup data is automatically replicated to one of our 2 secure SSAE 18 SOC1 CSAE 3416 and ISAE 34002 certified data centres. One monthly fee provides the Cybernetics appliance sized for your requirements at your site, the network pipe for replication and storage at Mid-Range.

Cybernetics emulates the IBM tape library and tape drives that IBM i systems need to protect their data. By leveraging virtual tape and deduplication, Cybernetics will improve backup / restore operations, enhance RTO/RPO’s and lower backup infrastructure costs. Cybernetics supports the leading IBM i backup applications (BRMS, Robot/SAVE, LXI/MMS), native CL commands as well as full system restores through a D-IPL.

Cybernetics VTL Archetecture

For IBM i:

  • A Cybernetics device installed and configured at your production site and sized for your backup requirements
  • Communications pipe sized and installed to one of 2 Mid-Range data centres.
  • Storage space on Mid-Range shared Cybernetics device
  • Monthly reports and daily monitoring
  • Optionally at extra cost, an LPAR or physical server for DR restores.

Top 10 Reasons to consider Mid-Range VTL for i


As your data grows, so does the backup window. By installing a virtual tape library, you can reduce the time it takes to protect your data. It’s not atypical to see a twenty hour backup to tape take less than an hour with a VTL. Restoring your applications and data is faster as well. What takes seconds and minutes with a virtual tape library can take many hours with a physical tape library.

With tape, traditionally one backup job is created per tape drive. Multi-threading different backup jobs to one tape drive is supported by some software packages but cripples your restore speed. Virtual tape libraries can emulate many tape drives. Simultaneous backup jobs to one VTL greatly enhances your backup performance without negatively impacting restore times.



By utilizing a fault tolerant design, backups and restores become redundant. Unlike tape drives, jobs do not

easily fail. With RAID protection, redundant power supplies and multiple connections supported, your data is highly available when you need it.



Cybernetics’ virtual tape libraries offer encryption “at rest” and “at flight”. Backups stored on disk can be encrypted as well as data replicated. Offloads to attached tape and/or removable disk drives can also be encrypted.



Many corporations are looking to eliminate tape or greatly reducing their reliance on it by deploying virtual tape libraries. Technologies like deduplication and replication ensure you have multiple copies of your data in different geographic locations. You can store months to years’ worth of backups on cost-effective and redundant disk while needing less bandwidth.



Backups performed to a Cybernetics’ virtual tape library can be offloaded to removable disk and/or tape. Multiple tape drives and libraries can be directly connected to the VTL via SAS/FC/iSCSI for off-line archiving. Unless encryption is utilized, tapes are not proprietary and can be restored using a tape drive and your regular backup software.



Cybernetics systems support major IBM i operating systems including VIOS and seamlessly integrate with all leading IBM i backup applications – including BRMS, ROBOT\Save, LXI MMS and through native IBM i commands and programs – enabling you to keep your infrastructure in place and simply replace tape with disk.



Cybernetics’ virtual tape libraries are among the most cost-effective solutions available. Not only is the cost of acquisition lower than our competitors, capacity expansions and warranty extensions are lower as well. With deduplication and replication, you can also reduce the amount you pay for long term storage and recurring monthly bandwidth. You can also save time, money and headaches associated with managing the backups



Unlike tape, disk backup solutions are easy to scale. Add more capacity dynamically when needed. Our virtual tape libraries can be purchased with just the capacity you need today and as your data grows, more disk drives can be added into the enclosure and expansion cabinets. With our modular design, you can change the transport protocols as needed. Use SCSI, SAS, iSCSI (1GbE and 10GbE) and FC (8G and 16G) simultaneously and upgrade to faster versions when available.



Cybernetics systems enable you to consolidate all IBM i and open systems backup and archive on a single system, which increases storage efficiency and minimizes your total cost of ownership and data center footprint.



Set it and forget it. Unlike expensive HA replication solutions that require constant monitoring, once Cybernetics is configured and is replicating across a WAN it just works with no daily administration.

Contact us if you would like to see a demo or learn more about how Mid-Range VTL can help meet your high availability needs.