theHive Enables Superior Business Solutions, Minus the Sting

Understand your entire IT environment with a hive-like mind.

theHive, by Mid-Range, is your next-generation awareness tool that enables superior business decisions, driven by data.

  • Enables superior business decisions driven by complete and accurate data.
  • Context over Content. Understand insights into your environment’s trends and how all your data correlates to one another.
  • Agile tool that allows you to see and analyze all data right away at the same time. Understand your entire IT environment quickly and painlessly.
  • Intuitive design with colour-coded indicators. No engineering degree required.
  • theHive is web-based, so you can access it from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection.
  • Provides supporting data for audits.
  • 100% free for all Mid-Range managed services customers. Unlimited users and zero licensing fees

Business Challenges theHive Solves

Business decisions need to be driven by accurate data. Many monitoring tools are limited in how much data you can analyze, resulting in an incomplete picture into your environment.

Finding the right data to make a business decision is like finding a needle in a haystack, and most tools only allow one set of data to be analyzed at a time. This results in time-consuming, cumbersome manual labour. 

When analyses are done manually in-house, staff typically do not have enough cycles to apply craft to the problem. theHive was developed to remove this burden so you can focus on strategic initiatives that grow your business.

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theHive Use Case Examples

theHive helps answer the “whys” before you make a decision. Sometimes, the decision would be that you do not need to spend money to resolve an issue, as another underlying bottleneck may be identified through theHive’s analyses.

Below are a few use case examples that highlight how theHive aids in making superior business decisions driven by data.

  1. Your machine may be running slowly, prompting a hardware upgrade. theHive has helped our customers identify that a hardware upgrade was not needed, and instead to just delete unnecessary files that consumed space that made the machine work harder than it needed to. Adding more memory and CPU may not have the expected net effect of change, and theHive can help you identify that before making a costly hardware expenditure.
  2. One customer was poised to refresh their hardware, but theHive helped identify that their machine was fine and that the culprit was their network being too slow. Their network performance was analyzed by theHive which quickly isolated the issue within minutes, rather than days. theHive helped take the guesswork out of identifying their IT problems.
  3. Another customer’s backup jobs were taking unusually long. They assumed that their machine was too small since it was reaching its end-of-life. theHive helped identify that that wasn’t the issue, but rather an incident had occurred that caused their backups to become larger. theHive identified that on the incident date, their QA environment was backed up when it would normally be deleted, causing a script to be halted. This took 30 minutes rather than 30 days for theHive to figure out the issue.
IBM i, theHive

Benefits of theHive

  Context over Content – theHive provides a holistic view of your environment, offering valuable context into the whys behind your data, including cause and effect, a collection of deep business metrics, where you’re at with job logs and support tickets, and more, resulting in 80% more accurate decisions. 

 Complete Data Analyses – theHive analyzes all current and historical data in your environment to provide you with a complete analysis, while typical tools analyze limited data by capturing only 3, 6, or 9 months of data. theHive doesn’t delete any data without your permission, resulting in larger information sample sizes and greater accuracy for trend analyses.

 No Degree Needed – theHive expresses insights to you visually, without the technical jargon found in other tools, and alerts you of potential problems before they occur. Understand your data easily with colour coded indicators that’s as easy as green, yellow, and red, along with context behind each colour.  

 Supporting Data for Audits – theHive can provide proof of activities to satisfy various audits, including IT and security audits, as well as for obtaining cyber insurance.

  Unparalleled Value – theHive is 100% free for all Mid-Range managed services customers, with unlimited users and zero licensing fees. There’s no better time to try theHive.


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